Thursday, December 22, 2005

Made it!

Well sorta. The last 24 hours has been a mad rush, but we are all packed, almost dressed and heading to the airport in about an hour. This is the time when I always ask myself "Why do I have to leave everything until the last minute? What is up with that?" Everytime I travel I swear it will be different the next time. Surely I could have started packing earlier this week? Oh wait, I had to do all the laundry and dry-cleaning first!

No matter, it's done. And once I sit on that plane all the stress will drain away and the only thing I will remember is that I ma heading off to get me some well needed sun! Not to mention ham, black cake, sorrel, punch-a-creme, ginger beer, liming in town on Christmas Eve, crazy crowds parang..........

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!


Shna said...

Merry Christmas...have fun in the sun :)

Jade said...

Merry Christmas!

Finally you are on your way to the sunny Caribbean. By the way, not meaning to show off, but I was lying on the beach on Wednesday just basking in the sun.

I need to do it again a few more times before it is time to return to the Boston winter.