Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I did it

I finshed a layout. A really simple one that was nonetheless very hard to do. I feel like there's a great weight off my shoulders. Maybe this will be the re-start that I need to get more pages done now that I have the time to do it.

I still have the urge to add stuff to it, but I don't have what I want to use which is black rub-ons. I'd love to add some words describing Mozaique directly to the background. Maybe I will eventually.


Janine said...

You said to leave a comment so here I go. What to say is a mystery to me so why don't I just ramble on about nothing. Is this long enough yet to be a comment? Or should it be longer?

I'm not even sure what you did but then maybe I'm just not creative enough to understand the creation - I grow plants, I don't make things so I'm challenged that way. But now I'm getting an idea... maybe... when I work it out I'll let you know.

Francine said...

hmm I have to get you to teach me how to grow plants. I have killed all the plants that have entered this apartment!

What it is is scrapbooking, an elevated form of it I guess. It's my obsession, and I blame you since you're the one that got me photo crazy at UWI. Now I need to do something with all those photos. lol