Friday, June 13, 2008

What I've been up to

Well, it's been a crazy few weeks since getting back. I am trying very hard to get back into a routine, and I think I am almost there. I started a new Make a Thing a Day for a Month project, which has been taking up the majority of my time. So far most everything I have made this month is scrapbook related, but I plan to branch out soon. I spent the last few days selecting and saving some online sewing and craft tutorials, and my plan for the last two weeks of the month is to try a new thing (or three) each week.

Because the creativity has been flowing I came up with a couple new items for my etsy shop. Here's a sneak peek.This weekend I will load the store up with more versions of these items, as well as some vintage goodies I've been hoarding!

The weather has been aiding and abetting me in my craft pursuits by being very bad. Cold, grey and rainy, exactly the kind of weather that keeps me inside and staying warm. Today looks promising, being bright and sunny, but I'm not convinced, I've been fooled before. Here's hoping that this time summer will stick!

I have of course been taking a bunch of photos, as well as trying some things in Photoshop.

We have no major plans for the weekend, but if the weather does hold, I think I will convince Lucas that we need to do some work in the backyard cleaning up our very neglected garden nook!


Anonymous said...

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