Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm home

It's 31 degrees, I can hear birds chirping, and everybody speaks English. Yup I am home at last. The last couple days have been harrowing, but that's all behind me now. Well not exactly. Remember my theory of being able to quickly recognise my orange suitcase? Well I wasn't able to test it because my luggage didn't make it! Yeah, right? I am crossing my fingers that it will come today, because I really need to go to the beach (it's 31 degrees Centigrade, woot!). Other than that I am just enjoying being here, hanging with my Mum. And stuffing my face (fried breadfruit for breakfast, if you must know).

I will try to blog when I can, but I will be posting short updates from Twitter more often. So you can join up there to follow me, or just check the updates over to the right in the side bar ------->

I'll also be posting my daily photos, but that might be sporadic, as I have yet to test how well this computer does with uploading photos.

Generally, I am totally stoked to be here, in spite of the luggage fiasco!

1 comment:

lilalia said...

All the best. I'm imagining you living and breathing and enjoying your life with family outdoors, on the patio, under the stars. Do hope you recover quickly and enjoy your stay to the bottom of your toes.