Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Finding the good in February

There's a definite case of the February blahs going around. Lucy and I felt it yesterday and it was a big part of our lunchtime conversation. So we set ourselves a challenge for the last 10 days of the month. Finding all that is good about February and making the most of it.

As I mused on this today I remembered one of my faourite books: Romancing the Ordinary by Sarah Ban Breathnach. This is a lovely romantic book which is divided up into a chapter for each month of the year. In each chapter the author explores all the ways we can celebrate our lives that particular month. Here is how the February chapter opens:-

Cold, grey, wet, muddy mornings make the shortest month feel like the longest. But lingering afternoons and pink sunsets hold out promise. Like matters of the heart February is full of surprise, contradiction, and the spell of the sensuous. Cherish your romantic impulses. Become your own courtesan. Light your own fire. Have a clandestine affair with contentment. Play with your food, hide under the covers. Indulge in armchair adventures - unusual sleuths, film noir. Try on fantasies. Reconsider red - lips, nails, shoes, walls. slip on bangles or slip into silk. Trade the treadmill for the tango. Curl your hair, cinch your waist. Chocolate becomes you, so show off your curves. Remember: flirting is good for the soul. Make peace with your past. Lose your heart to life.

Some of the things she suggests doing this month are a midnight massage with sandalwood scented oil, cooking Divine Fettuccine, rediscovering flirting, and making "Not meant to be shared chocolate mousse" (I can't wait to try that one!).

So my lovelies, let's not moan and curse. Spring is around the corner. Let's find the good in February and make the most of it!

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L Vanel said...

Dear Francine, lets see. What did we say. Seek out all that is good. Make the most of it. Balance. Thank you for the inspiration.