Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rue de la Re

Some quick photos I took yesterday evening while walking from one end of Rue de la Republic to the other. This street is the large pedestrian only shopping area in Lyon, and stretches from Place Bellecour at one end, to the Town Hall and Opera house at the other. It's one of my favourite places to stroll, people watch and take city photos.

1. dichotomy 2, 2. dichotomy, 3. shoes glorious shoes, 4. um, yeah, 5. carousel, 6. newsstand, 7. sidewalk florist 2, 8. Pathe1, 9. Pathe2


Rhi said...

heh, number 4 made me laugh.
oh to live in france! ;)

luv2scrapmilestones said...

just beautiful day I wanna "do" France. It is on my life "to do list." Which gets longer every day.


L Vanel said...

Nice photos, Fran!