Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spring Rain

After three weeks of glorious, summer like weather, the Spring rains are finally here. Normally rainy days make me sad, but I'm looking at today as an opportunity to catch up on some stuff at home. After my amazing scrapbooking mojo wave, I need to pay attention to some more mundane things like laundry and paperwork, but also try some other crafts like Shimelle's fun "Do something everyday in May" challenge.

I'm awake early today, surprising considering the ridiculous hour I went to sleep last night. So I sit here with my cup of coffee and good intentions, planning my To Do list and wondering how long I will last until I can no longer resist the urge to take a nap on the couch.

Speaking of To Do lists, I have come up with this plan to try to do the following 10 things every day:

  1. Scrapbook
  2. Blog
  3. Take a Photo
  4. Go Outside
  5. Dance
  6. Prepare a Meal
  7. Try another craft
  8. Read
  9. Pet the kitties
  10. Tell Lucas 'I Love you"
Some of them (petting the kitties, I Love you and scrapbook) are no-brainers (or "freebies" as Lucy called them). The others will definitely require some concerted effort initially. Once upon a time (ha!) reading would have made the freebie list, but I find that now I actually have to remind myself to read. (Friends and family pick yourselves up from the floor now). Does my blog surfing count or should I rewrite that to say "read a book"? Oh and Prepare a Meal started off as "Cook", and Dance was originally "exercise" but I'm not gonna fool myself into thinking those are achievable at the moment. Fixing a bowl of cereal is preparing a meal isn't it? Baby steps, baby steps.

What's on your To Do list?


sollie said...

Scrapbooking is on my 'to do' list!! Unfortunatly I don't do it every day. Maybe I should spend more time at cleaning the house or working in the garden.

Hillary said...

hey francine-okay, i am going to write my to do list on my blog--thanks for the challenge :)

Liz said...

good luck, I have to try this to do lidt with some freebies maybe this way I can get a lot more things done!

Starlight said...

Fran did you get my email with some brushes???
I was just wondering...