Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One man's trash

We went "junking" again over the weekend. It was rainy, but there was an okay turn-out of sellers. We spent several hours browsing and bargaining. As usual I was on the look-out for vintage trims and buttons and I really struck gold this time. I definitely have my two favourite haunts there now! Lucas was on the lookout for "whatever", and ended up with assorted kitchen utensils, including the working half of a coffee grinder that he plans to repair. When? The jury is still out on that one. Lucy, who is a great bargainer, ended up with a milk pitcher from Limoges, among other treasures. I came across many wonderful pieces of furniture as well as linens, the kind of things I hope to buy one day to furnish and decorate our home. Some research is definitely called for though, since from some of the prices quoted I'm obviously clueless about the history and value of many of the things I saw. We left a happy (if somewhat chilled) bunch.


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Great finds!

jennifer said...

yum. i love these photos.