Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Turning the earth

I spent a pleasant hour outside this afternoon working on our little piece of earth. My sweet friend Lucy gave me the cutest set of gardening tools, and I could finally put them to good use. I raked, I dug, I clipped, I planted. Now I just need to wait to see if anything will grow!

There is already what I think is a narcissus that the previous tenants planted, very sweet smelling and taking center stage right now. I hope that soon it will be surrounded by tulips, gladioli, lily of the valley and roses. Oh and sunflowers, if I ever find where I put the packet of seeds. I'd also love to have a small corner of cat grass for the kitties, in the hopes that they will leave the other plants alone (wishful thinking right?).

While digging I came across this beauty, I had seen some of its smaller relatives earlier, but he (or she) gave me quite a start! But having earthworms is a good thing, so even though I am pretty squeamish I was happy to see that our garden is alive!


Sherry said...

Congrats, Francine, on your sketches LO win; it's lovely, and I really like your style.

Tell me, please, who makes the chipboard letters you used?


sollie said...

Yeah, the weather makes us wanna go outside!! Can't wait to see your flowers. Hugs, Isolde

Francine said...

Thank you Sherry! :) Those letters are by Heidi Swapp. The font is newsprint and the pattern is ledger.

SherryGrove said...

Gotta get me some of those! Thanks, Francine!