Monday, March 26, 2007

Bits & Pieces

A few shots of our apartment. These things make me happy

This rooster lamp was a wedding gift from a close friend of my mother-in-law. She made it, it's what she does.

A gift to Lucas from his mother.

The vase is another wedding gift from friends of my in-laws. The cotton branches come from one of the congratulatory bouquets of flowers we got for our wedding.

Another gift to Lucas from his mother. His brother has one too. I "think" they came from Tunisia.

A market basket filled with magazines. Lucas bought me the long basket in the background, it holds my yarns and knitting and crocheting needles.It looks ragged because Mozie thought it was a scratching post!

Just a view I like. One of those pieces of lucky bamboo was also in a wedding bouquet. Lucas can't stand the stuff but I love it.

One of my tulip plants! Can't wait for it to bloom.

This is a Christmas gift from my inlaws. We finally took possesion of it yesterday, it was being mounted.

So there you go. A little peek into our surroundings.


L Vanel said...

After our wedding and the lists, which we put together quickly and in a panic, there were the people who in the end actually delivered presents. At the time I thought most of them were kinda wierd. But now I simply adore all the presents that people put their heart and soul into choosing at the occasion of our wedding. We also have the mil gifts. Aren't they quaint?

mphoinix said...

Awesome pieces Francine.

sollie said...

I have some bamboo in my house too. I really like the pics you showed. Seems like you have a very cosy house.

tongue in cheek said...

That lamp base is just too darn cute!

jennifer said...

Your photos are lovely! Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your warm home : ) Also, since I was by last you posted a new banner. I like it!

ethnicscrapbooking said...

thanks for sharing your personal space with cultural...I want some of those cotton branches!