Sunday, February 04, 2007

Two hours at the market

We met Lucy and Loic at the market along the Quais de Saone just before noon today. Our new apartment is located close to a metro stop, (in fact it is a Funiculaire), so we were in downtown Lyon in a matter of minutes. I love French markets, and this one is a wonderful example. There's an abundance of fresh produce, meats, fish, cheese, flowers, spices, it overwhelms all the senses. Apart from some shopping Lucy and I also wanted to take photos. I wasn't very motivated though, it was quite cold (but sunny!) and also crowded, not the best conditions. But our very patient husbands waited as we snapped away.

We bought some of these cheeses, the Tomme de Savoie and the Reblochon, the latter of which we used to make Tartiflette for dinner (check out Lucy's Kitchen Notebook for the recipe).

Mimosa was in full bloom

Spices of all colours

Low fat sausages!

We had fresh oysters, accompanied by a good Macon for lunch.

Here are the guys digging inIt's decided, this is definitely our new market!


Chookooloonks said...

Looks like fun -- and I love the new banner!

Courtney said...

That looks amazing...I can't wait to go to the market and try the cheeses there. I'm coming to Lyon in September for the first time. If you have any hints for me, please tell me! I would live the advice.