Tuesday, February 06, 2007

One little word

Last year after reading the 52 Figments website I decided that 2006 would be my year of creativity. I wanted to explore my creativity, play and have fun as much as possible. I think I have a fairly good idea now of what is "me", what I like, what I'm good at, what inspires me. This year I am taking a page from the book of Ali Edwards, one of the most inspiring scrappers - at least as far as I'm concerned - and choosing one little word to define 2007.

My word for the year is focus. Now is the time for me to take everything I learned last year and work on making something solid out of all the ideas and plans circulating in my brain. Less dreaming and more action. Yep. Focus

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Keianna said...

This is a good pick. We all could probably forcus a little more on our life and our art.