Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday, Monday

I've been working furiously but happily on Design Team projects all day. Love the kits that Jenn puts together for Self-Addressed! I'll probably post some sneak peeks tomorrow or Wednesday. It was a bright sunny day today, lots of great natural light streaming through the window, and that always motivates me. Hope it stays like this, but I have a bad feeling that winter weather might come around again before it's truly Spring.

I think Naala has Spring Fever though, she was running around the apartment like a wildcat all morning. I think she gets jealous because Mozaique gets to go outside. But poor Mozie deserves it so she can get some rest from said wildcat! Naala wants to play all the time, but of course Mozie doesn't and they end up hissing and fighting. Ah well, at least that's the worst thing I have to put up with!

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sollie said...

Hahaha, our cats have been running around like crazy too. I guess they have spring fever. Well, here in Belgium, it's still winter but the temperatures are around 10 degrees.
Hope to see you on my blog too
I've been posting my LO's about our holiday in Thailand.
See you, Isolde

ps: Your LO's are sooooo beautiful.