Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Holiday Adoption

Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in France, however since both Lucas and I lived in the US we have offcially adopted it as a holiday (not to mention a great excuse to eat a lot and spend time with friends).

Two years ago we held our first Thanksgiving dinner, mainly because my friend Mary who had moved to France several months before, was feeling homesick and we wanted to cheer her up. We couldn't find a turkey, they are rarely available in France before Christmas. We stuffed and baked 2 large chickens instead, and hardly noticed!

Last year for dinner at Mary's house, we did find a turkey, farm raised, but at an outrageous cost. Needless to say we will stick with chicken from now on. We're having dinner at Mary's house again this year, and Lucas will be preparing stuffed roasted duck to go along with the chickens. I'm responsible for the candied yams and cheesecake, and of course we will provide a few bottles of great wine. I have made a pact with Mia, Mary's daughter to eat an entire pumpkin pie with her. I suspect you won't be seeing me around until Saturday. Happy Thanksgiving!


rani said...

Have a wonderful Thankgsgiving!!!! The menu sounds delicious!!!!!

Lynn Anne said...

oy. you make me want to ship you a turkey. what constitutes 'outrageous' for a turkey price? you have me totally curious!! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Anali said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm still full... : )