Saturday, October 28, 2006


I've had quite the week. It started out calmly as many of my weeks do, but then took a busy turn. On Wednesday I went into the city to have lunch with Lucy, a lovely lady whose blog Lucy's Kitchen Notebook makes me drool on a regular basis. Lucy and I have been leaving comments on each other's blogs for the last month or so, and finally decided to meet. More than a physical meeting I like to think it was also a meeting of minds. Although our respective passions differ - except for a mutual love of photography - we are on the same wavelength on a number of subjects. Then there's the commonality of being anglophones in a French city. There was so much to talk about we jabbered on like a couple of teenagers.

On Thursday I met Lucas for lunch, not something we often do, but considering that he has a full two hours for lunch, something we should probably do much more. We visited the large Médiatheque close to his office - where we borrowed a novel in English for me, and a couple of CDs ofCaribbean music - I'm listening to Trini-Party, a compilation of Calypso music - right now. Yesterday, yet another lunch, this time in Vieux Lyon with Frédi, a dear friend whom I met when I worked last summer. It's shamefully been several months since we've been in touch, so we had quite a bit of catching up to do. Later that night we met our friends Mary and Phillipe, to celebrate their daughter Mia's 18th birthday with a Pub Crawl around Vieux Lyon.

All of which makes me realise that I can no longer honestly say that I don't have any friends in France, or no life either. It's been just under three years and I am amazed at the difference this time has made. I have a feeling I'll be spending more time outside this winter than ever before!


L Vanel said...

Hey Francine! Great photos. It was great meeting you and I'm looking forward to the next time. I put up some of the photos I took with you when we spent the afternoon together last week. Get ready to attack the list... I am plein des idees!

Vernell said...

Great for you sis. Awesome pictures too.

imagined-community said...

francine, I was so glad to hear that after 3 years you have made friends in a new city. I have only been in Boston for a year and a half, but making new friends has been very slow. I feel like I am just starting to get a deeper sense of connection with the city. it gave me some hope to hear from you that things do improve over time, which i knew, but sometimes you just have to see things changing for someone else!