Monday, October 09, 2006


My love of photography is really increasing my awareness. Now I take a second and even third look at everything around me, while wondering how I can capture what I see with my lens. It is also allowing me to see France with new eyes. After living here for almost three years I have become accustomed to so much that was new to me, but now that I am looking more closely at everything, I can remember how new and different it all seemed to me not that long ago. We have a beautiful fall day today, in fact it almost feels like summer again. As I had to go to the Post office to collect a package , I stopped along the way there and back to take some photos of the things that caught my eye.

One of the places I stopped was the little park overlooking the river. I never realised just what good subjects park benches made before. I like the idea of taking photos where something looks out of it's element, I should remember to bring along some fun objects to try this next time. I was about to take some abstract photos of the play park, but a family came along and was making use of it. So weather permitting, maybe tomorrow.


horseygal said...

That is so awesome!!!

renee said...

Loving your photography.

SherrySherry said...

Hey Franny, just stopping by to say hello after my trip to Utah. Congrats on all the great things that are happening for you. Just stay positive and keep taking more photos - I am loving them. Take care and hope your day is going well.

angi b said...

Francine, i love the bench photos. really cool idea and perspective. and congrats on your new venture!