Friday, August 25, 2006

An Ode to Nutella

Have I told my Nutella story? I don't think I have, but even if I did it bears repeating. I had a roommate when I lived in Massachusetts, and she had this small jar of dark stuff in the cupboard called Nutella. I never looked closely at the jar, I drew all my conclusions from my initial glance, and assumed that it was another version of Bovril or Marmite i.e. a really gross & disgusting spread (my apologies to Bovril and Marmite lovers but I just can't stand the stuff).

Then I met Lucas. Somewhere along the line, not too long after we started dating the topic of Nutella came up. He must have been talking about food (he is French after all). My response? "Ugh! gross, that's disgusting isn't it?" He looked at me in total shock and as if I was an alien, and informed me that Nutella was not at all what I was thinking. He asked me if I liked chocolate. Um, yeah! And said that if I liked chocolate I'd like Nutella. I wasn't convinced, so he said he'd prove it to me.

A couple days later we went grocery shoppping and picked up Nutella and the fixings for crepes. That night for dessert he made crepes with Nutella and freshly made whipped cream (can you understand why I fell in love?). Oh. My. God. I was in heaven at the first bite. I couldn't believe how creamy and chocolately and delicious it was. I was hooked.

And not just on the Nutella....... Yeah, pretty muchNutella is a huge factor in why I currently live in France.


Colleen said...


Queue_t said...

me too!
love nutella
got my kids to love it too
must try it in crepes... mmmmmnnn

Ubergoober said...

lol Hi Francine! Love your blog!!! I honestly dont know what happened to the "site". She kind of burned her bridge with me when I left so I have no idea what happened after that other than the site is now down. Maybe Karma kicked her in the bum? lol

Take care Francine!!!

imagined-community said...

Very funny...and you know, I am *almost* inspired to go out and buy some Nutella. For some reason I have always thought it looked kinda gross, especially because the people that I knew who were eating it were, um, in France, and they ate in on EVERYTHING. I thought it was some odd form of homesickness mixing with cultural immersion (since the French eat ALOT of Nutella : ) But, your blog has made me wonder if I haven't been missing something... : )