Monday, July 31, 2006

A small step

I came back from the weekend to find an e-mail from confirming that one of my photos of Lyon was included in the free interactive city guide they just published! They had contacted me about six weeks ago to say that my photo, which they found on flickr had been short listed for inclusion, and to ask if I was interested in it being used. I said yes, of course!

In the sidebar to the right you'll see a small doohickey you can use to download a copy of the guide. My photo, which is credited to scraphappyfran, appears in the section describing Place des Terreaux, it's shows part of a fontain and some buildings. Plus you can learn a bit about my city!

On another note, we had the best weekend ever! I am still recovering and in the process of going through the photos. Stay tuned!


Colleen said...

woo hoo!
and diggin the new banner girl

i waved at you as we flew over lyon to the paris airport

did you see me??

Adrienne said...

That is COOL!!!!

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rumdistillery said...

Congrats. I am catching up with your articles