Monday, June 12, 2006

Lazy Sundays

ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Is there anything like a lazy Sunday afternoon in the summer? I spent a totally relaxed few hours at Dany's family house just outside the city. The house has gorgeous gardens as well as a pool. We didn't swim (her daughter and daughter's friend did though), but we lay in the shade next to the pool reading scrapping and stamping magazines. It was so peaceful, we could hear the birds chirping (and the girls screaming and splashing around) and there was a nice light breeze.

It definitely reminded me of Sunday afternoons at home, where after a big Sunday lunch of baked chicken, macaroni pie, rice and peas and coleslaw my family would all crash out in various places of our house, usually with the intent to read, but somehow always ending up sleeping. I remember one day my friend Marcie passed by and was so amused to walk into the house and find us all sleeping (one of the advantages of living on a small island, at least at that time, is feeling safe leaving your house unlocked while everyone slept the day away). Or we would go to the beach for a dip and then come back home for a nap. Those were the days!


Sheryl-Ann said...

Girl, all that talk of good Sunday food in the islands is making me very very hungry (sigh).

Glad you had a lovely Sunday!

Keianna said...

Sounds great. Nothing like spending a quiet day with family.