Wednesday, June 14, 2006


One of the funniest things that's happened to me in France was discovering that there is a brand of flour called Francine. The first time I saw the shelves at the supermarket I laughed and laughed. It just totally tickles me every time I see it. Shortly after I arrived in France my mother-in-law bought us a couple packets of the flour as a surprise. Too funny. The TV ad for it says "It's always better with Francine" A truer word has never been spoken!


Shna said...

That is so funny! There is a trucking company around here that name is my initials so I always joke that its my company. Its always better with Francine is much cooler :)

cityfarmer said...

I LOVE it.!!!!
You must have a great feeling inside.

It's a fun thing to tell to children someday...or grandchildren

Sheryl-Ann said...

Hahahahahaha - that is way too funny! Do they have whole wheat in that brand too or just white flour? Bring me a packet when you come to visit.

Wanda E. Santiago said...

Oh I love it!! See it's the little things in life that make us smile!! Hugs Wanda

Monica said...

haha!! too funny!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheryl-ann
You will know everything about Francine flour here...
And about some french recipes too.

Hi Francine
We can say about you :
Eat Francine..and drink Grenadine !
LOL Have a nice week end. I had today a good cropping with the Tim Holtz's technics. I will show you. I have to finish.


LynnAnne said...

ROFL! Funny, I have a nightgown from a company called "Lyn Anne"..saved one of the tags too, and it throws me off every time I run into it "Thanks for choosing Lyn Anne..." LOL