Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The weather has gone south, or rather north on us. Low temperatures, wind and rain for the last three days. Mozaique and I are extremely unhappy because the windows are closed again. She stares longingly out the window and then turns and looks at me accusingly, poor thing. But at least she didn't have to be out in it today like I did!


Chit Chat From Divagirlrn said...

I wish some of that rain would come my way Fran. Florida is very dry right now. Sorry that you and Mozaique are stuck inside though.


Lisa D. aka Maxinit said...

the weather here is hazy, hot and humid...we could use some rain over here in Philly.

Colleen said...

wish we had some rain
our air conditioner is broken and who knows when it will be fixed

now i understand why they call it hotlanta

Sheryl-Ann said...

Poor you, Franny! I know how much you hate the cold and it is June - can some summer come your way please? Maybe it is time for a visit to Texas (smile)! You'll get more sun that you ever dreamed of.

cityfarmer said...

We've had alot rain,too, but the flowers and the grass love it and are in mint condition right now.
Have a nice weekend.

barb Hogan said...

Hope you get some sunny weather soon Francine!