Thursday, May 11, 2006

Too much information

Do you ever feel like you're surrounded, or even bombarded by too many sources of information? Between being connected to the internet 24/7, thus allowing me to learn anything at a moment's notice, 24 hour news and information TV channels, and way too much junk mail (even in France), it's a wonder that my brain gets a chance to rest.

When I worked in Puerto Rico I lived pretty close to my office and didn't have a car, and I found that walking home in the evening after work, even in the hustle and bustle of San Juan, was a great way to clear my mind of the frustrations of the day.

Now that it has warmed up over here I am making a point of it to get out there for a walk every day. It's a way to get away from my computer and being constantly connected, as well as an opportunity to practice my photography.

So I was not at all amused to discover that our Mairie (town hall) thinks that a good way to disperse information to the residents of my town is by making announcements over loud speakers! As I walked up and down the Grande Rue (French equivalent of Main Street) I was startled to hear a voice proclaiming not just the events for that weekend, but also promotions and specials at certain stores, alternating with music. I think I will be heading in a different direction for my walks from now on.


Shna said...

Wow, announcments outside with loudspeakers...weird! :)
That would sure ruin a good walk.

pr31wb said...

Wow, that sounds extremely annoying (yet somewhat amusing that someone thought it was a good idea, lol)

Lisa D. aka Maxinit said...

now that would be pretty annoying!...but glad to see you get some great photos.

Sheryl-Ann said...

Hey girl, don't we do that in the Caribbean too? They announce political meetings that way, as well as some sales. It's annoying and I am not sure whether it is even still done, but I remember it used to be done.
Speaking of the islands, I am off to FL tomorrow and then SLU on Sunday. Happy Birthday in advance!