Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Totally hyped today! My first article has been posted on Diversity Designs, it's a How-To on making felt flowers. Go take a look, and also check out the other articles and monthly inspiration layouts. This month's theme is April Showers bring May Flowers, and the Design Team totally rocked it! I am having a wonderful time being a part of that site. Check out the message boards as well, the site is all inclusive and truly a diverse community.

I found some mojo yesterday and worked on the latest Dare, #27. That was such a freeing experience, I had the best time just creating and not thinking about how things should be. The challenge was to use found objects, and your own handmade embellishments, and to dare to be different.

For a description and the journaling go here

And that's all folks!


Adrienne said...

great job! I want to try this! LOL

pr31wb said...

I love that layout - the colors are beautiful and the tag - how perfect is that? I love that you related it to yourself - such a truth.

cityfarmer said...

Every one with creativity should know about you.

Very inspired.

Vernell said...

Congrats on the great article and love the layout. Very artistic.

Sheryl-Ann said...

Just checking in. I see you've been scrapping away as usual:) Life in de islands is the same - hot hot hot! Looks like a low-key b'day this year...may go out for some ice-cream :))