Monday, April 24, 2006

New brooms sweep the cleanest

but give me an old broom over a vacuum cleaner any day! Shortly after we got married, Lucas insisted that we buy a vacuum cleaner. I don't know why, we hardly use the thing. Luckily we used wedding gift money for the purchase. I don't know about you but I find a good broom does a much better job than a vacuum. Maybe it's just because I am more used to brooms, that's what I grew up with, vacuums were for carpets (and why we even have carpeting in the Caribbean is a subject for another entry). Well we don't have any carpeting in this apartment so I never think about uisng it. On the rare occassion that I did pull it out, not only was it way too noisy, but afterwards I still wanted to use the broom! Not to mention having to fight with the hose, attachments, finding an outlet that's not a mile away from the spot you're vacuuming.... a broom is just so much easier to handle! I'm as tech savvy as they get, but for some things I am just an old-fashioned woman.

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Jade said...

I eagerly await your future post about why we have carpet in the Caribbean so that I can respond. I won't give you any reasons until I see yours.

And as for the broom - on the carpet we sweep it first and then vacuum. The broom finds a lot more stuff than the vacuum and I only think it's useful to suck up the last bits. Although I am quite lazy so I skip the sweeping part very often.