Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spring has Sprung!!!

Well not really, but it is definitely springing. We have had 4 or 5 sunny days in a row and I am motivated! The temperatures haven't really warmed up too much, at least not according to me, but I can see tiny buds on one of the trees outside my window .

And you can also see that my neighbours' potted plants are starting to come out.

Every year I take a stab at "gardening" in the spring. So far everything has died but I am going to try again this year. I want to have herbs on the kitchen windowsill and flowers on the living room and bedroom windowsills. Lucas already placed an order for tomato and some other plant that I can't remember (strawberries? that might be wishful thinking) but I doubt that he will let me touch them (I kill everything remember?).

It's annoying to me how hard it is to grow plants in these temperate climates. I had a green thumb back home, always had great plants in my apartments but I just can't seem to get the knack of it here. Over there it's like all you have to do is stick stuff in the pots and water them when you remember, but here you have to know about growing and dormant cycles and when to water or not.

Another activity to document in my creatvity album.


Anonymous said...

You have spring??? Lucky girl. I'm staring out the window at snow falling.


Nice blog by the way...glad I stopped by. :)

Lucas said...

Yes Hon, strawberries is what I ordered, just for you (well a little bit for me too)

Barbie said...

Good luck w/ your garden. It's so much fun. I'm a big gardener and I've already started tomatos and pumpkins inside in seed starters! WHAT FUN! :)

Michael in cold Sweden said...

Hi there Francine,

You and a garden fork is one site that I can seem to get going in my mind ;-)

How is it going for you!! Are you fairing with the cold as well as I am??? I haven't seen any spring here and thats for sure .... it's -4 outside right now and is as wintery as winter gets.

I am glad to see that you have found something to keep you busy. Us warm blooded caribbean folk need to keep occuped in these cold european days.

Look after youself and I will blogga you again really soon!!!


wendymorris said...

Very nice weather here in Alabama!!! I love it! I do not like cold weather ;) My mom has such a thing for having a garden and flowers and she is very successful at it but for me - I did not inherit any of those traits from her. If I try to grow it, it will die.