Wednesday, February 15, 2006

There's a first time for everything

And last night was the first time I went ice skating. Since we're broke (trips to the Caribbean during winter ain't cheap you know) we planned to have a low key Valentine's day, especially since our anniversary is in two weeks. I've been wanting to go ice skating for the last two years, all part of my plan to become one with winter (yeah right) and I brought it up again last week as the perfect cheap thing to do for Valentines.
Well it was awesome! I didn't even fall (I almost did when some young kid whizzed by without looking and almost knocked me over, but I didn't fall!). I thank my roller skating and roller blading days for this, it seems that I still have a good sense of balance. It took me quite a few trips around the rink before I let go of Lucas' hand though. Anyway I am totally pumped and we plan to go more often (like next week!), since the rink is only 10 minutes away from us (and did I mention it's a cheap date?).
I love when I discover new stuff like this, especially new stuff that I'm good at. It would have sucked big time if I had spent my Valentine's evening falling on my butt on cold hard ice (which is exactly what Lucas thought would happen, but I showed him! HA!)
That got me thinking about some things I've done for the first time in the last year
  • Had 2 root canals (I don't advise this)
  • Celebrated our first wedding anniversary (highly recommended!)
  • Spent a weekend in Barcelona (you gotta go)
  • Worked in a call center (the root canals were more fun)
  • Turned 37 (ack!)
  • Acted in a French play (do this at least once)
  • Visited the lavender fields in Provence (a must see)
  • Attended a French wedding (apart from mine)
  • Had roast corn on Grand Anse beach with my husband
  • Toured a rum distillery (yeah mon)
  • Saw Scarlet Ibisis (not in Trinidad unfortunately)
  • Visited Martinique (sa ka fet?)
  • and of course ice skating

I'm sure there are others and they will come to me later, but the point is that there is so much out there to do, see, and experience! Some of it little things, and some of it huge. Some exciting and others painful. And it doesn't matter where you live, the important thing is to get out there and live life and grasp those opportunities that come your way. Because they are all a part of what makes us what we are.

You know I'm gonna do a scrapbook layout about this, right?


bookit said... skating! we have an outdoor natural ice skating rink just outside our village, 2 minutes walk from my house but i don't dare try!
as for the root canals..i had one for the first time this year too...not nice!!!

Chiara said...

Gosh I haven't been iceskating in years. i can feel about the rootcanals cause I am in the midst of loads of dentalwork not fun.

Jade said...

The ice skating rink is just five minutes away but I guess I have not taken on this "embrace winter" concept - I will settle with just dealing with the cold weather and the snow and whatever else without freezing to death!

Maybe next time around I will be more inspired. And I will think of you as I try these winter sports. This IS your second winter in France, right?

Shna said...

Oh Francine - I am ashamed to admit that I am a Canadian who cannot skate! Ack- I know it's absolutly

titilayo said...

This was a great entry -- it's so amazing to think that every year, even every day, has the possibility to turn up something new and wonderful in our lives.

That being said, I went ice-skating once, and I fell once, and that was that. Falling on my tailbone was... well it was new, but it surely wasn't wonderful.

rum distillery said...

You are living it babe

Cupcake Queen said...

Hi, Francine.

Came across your blog by searching "lavender fields" as I'm planning to go to Provence to view the gorgeous lavender fields. Any idea where is the best place in Provence to see lavender fields? Thanks. :)