Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More dancing elephants

Last week I wrote about the coincidence of one of my childhood songs having a French version (and also a Finnish one as I found out from Minna).

Well how about this for another musical coincidence? After I spent all of Sunday listening to calypso music, Lucas comes back from his weekend away with two CDs of calypso that he got from his brother! One of them is a live recording done at Big Jim's in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, during the 60s (I think) and the other is The Best of Mighty Sparrow. I was flabbergasted to say the least. We don't know where my brother-in-law got this music, but apparantly he is very into Caribbean and Latin music right now, and he really wants to visit Trinidad. So maybe I'll make it there for Carnival next year, he would love that.

Next thing you know we might be having soca concerts in France! If only!

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rumdistillery said...

Ijust dig calypso music..Yesterday we were entertained by a band of high school students from Canada. The last piece was a calypso!1