Friday, December 09, 2005

And we're off

To a tiny village called Le Riou in the Haute Loire department at approximately 1000 m (3300 ft). Yep basically we're going to a colder spot. lol Lucas is having his birthday bash there at his parent's house. He's invited a bunch of his friends and we're gonna cook a ton of food on Saturday night. It's probably already snowed up there, and some snow is forecast for Saturday night. So I should be able to get some nice wintery photos. Plus I can get some photos of the new carpentry work on our new roof on the house that we own just 100 yards or so from my in-laws' place.

Yep, we own a house (with my brother-in-law). Right now it's just 4 walls and thankfully a roof, hopefully in a year's time we would have made it habitable. It's a cute stone cottage that's over 200 years old! Stay tuned for pics from this weekend when I get back on Sunday. 'Cause that's right, no internet for 2 whole days!

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pegmanrique said...

have fun & take lots of photos.
btw, i finally did start scrapping tooks about 3 weeks to get back into it again..geez!