Saturday, January 28, 2006


The lower half of France, including areas on the Meditteranean, is now covered in a blanket of snow. It snowed all day yesterday. I woke up to snow and when I went to sleep last night it was still snowing. I haven't seen this much snow in Lyon since I've been here. It brings back not so pleasant memories of the storms I experienced when I lived in Massachusetts.

We woke up to the sound of the sidewalks being shoveled and children playing in their gardens. The weekly Saturday market that is held lower down our street was either cancelled, or the farmer's simply couldn't get here. I don't think mail was delivered either (my mailbox was empty so I prefer to think this rather than that I didn't get mail today).

But it's so beautiful to look at from my window. My neighbourhood actually looks picturesque now, a scene you would actually expect to see in France. And Mozaique agrees.


Sophia said...

Wow! What beautiful pix! I can't imagine anything more romantic than living there in a snowstorm! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


Tina said...

Beautiful picture!

Leah Fung said...

These pictures are gorgeous! What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing these :)

bookit said...

wow, they keep saying we are going to get snow, we had a few flakes yesterday but nothing like what you've got!
cute kitty :)

Gwyn said...

No market? I visited Annecy last summer, and that was one of the highlights of my whole trip. I take it snow is not all that common; one would think, judging by the vegetation I saw while there.

Renee said...

It is beautiful there. I really don't like cold weather, but that snow almost makes me wish for a little here.